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    Vaporooter in Melbourne 

    Longbeach Plumbing uses a non-systemic chemical root control in Melbourne’s Metropolitan area to control tree roots in sewer drains.

    As the sewer system ages tree roots continuously invade Melbourne’s sewers, the weaker sections of the sewer system allow tree root ingress into the drains which then block up and Melbournian’s are left with the after hour call outs and sewerage overflows.

    Most Melbournian’s have tried the common methods for maintaining a sewer, typically root cutting, which is time consuming, expensive and can actually make the problem worse by accelerating the tree root regrowth & it doesn’tcome with guaranteed job either.

    Longbeach Plumbing has been providing Melbournian’s with a 12 month vaporooter guarantee when the sewer has been treatment with Sanfoam vaporooter, by Longbeach Plumbing.

    Sanafoam vaporooter combines metam sodium and dichlobenil in a foam additive, which makes it is possible to deliver a non-systemic chemical to the invading tree roots in drains, throughout the sewer system and provide a 12 month guarantees again blockages caused by tree roots.

    Metam sodium penetrates root cells, killing the root within the drain without harming the plants and trees above ground.

    Dichlobenil lines the drain walls, joints to prevent re-growth from blocking drain.

    Longbeach Plumbing has Sanafoam Vaporooter clients throughout Melbourne

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    Why use Sanafoam Vaporooter ?
    Longbeach Plumbing finds that Sanafoam Vaporooter is essential part of their maintenance of sewer pipes. It is used by Longbeach Plumbing as an approved applicator, as an effective method of stopping of tree roots ingress to sewer pipes.

    What is a Sanafoam Vaporooter?
    Sanafoam Vaporooter is a method of controlling root ingress to the sewer system.
    Drain pipes and sewer pipes are laid underground where they can be accessed by aggressive tree roots. Tree roots are strong and cracking open a sewer pipe is not a difficult task for them. The soil in a trench is softer then the soil that surrounds the trench and the sewer pipes emits humidity which attracts the growing tree roots. After which, they get even more attracted to the water in the pipes and start growing denser. This results in blocked sewers as the tree roots obstruct the flow of effluent.

    Plumbers, typically suggest using a water jet or an electric eel and using this will definitely clear some or all roots, depending upon the skill of the plumber. The cutting the tree roots is the same a pruning the tree, it encourages regrowth . This is the start of a costly and unavoidable cycle you get trapped into.

    Sanafoam Vaporooter stops this cycle.

    Sanafoam Vaporooter works with the use of a combination of non systemic herbicides that are released into the sewer pipe suspended in foam agent, which then kills the roots that are inside the sewer only, leaving the tree unharmed and the sewer blockage free !

    Sanafoam Vaporooter should be used within six to eight weeks of a clearance of your sewage system. And annually to prevent reoccurring sewer blockages. It’s a smart cost effective way to prevent effluent overflow and costly after hour call outs.

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