Drain Cleaning

  • Drain cleaning can be performed in many different ways. Whilst most companies approach every job the same way, Longbeach Plumbing employs a variety of drain cleaning techniques designed to suit your individual needs and circumstances. Our Vaporooter product can even help prevent blocked drainage from occurring in the first place and eliminate the costs and inconvenience caused by blocked drainage.
  • Longbeach Plumbing employ the following techniques to clean drains and remove obstructions:
  • Compressed air gun which is used to clear small diameter waste pipes such as those connecting basins, baths or showers. The compressed air sends a shock wave of water down the drain to dislodge the blockage.
  • Rigid R50 tripod sewer machine for waste pipes which have more substantial blockages.
  • Rigid K1500 for general drain clearing and sewer blockages which uses a machine driven cutting tool to shear off tree roots or obstructions in the drain.
  • Race jet 5000 hydro jetter for drain clearing and drain surveying. It uses high pressure water with a low volume flow to cut through the most difficult blockages.
  • Jet trucks for storm water blockages for the removal of silt in stormwater drains .The jet truck uses lower pressure water at high flow rates to discharge the silt from the drains.
  • Combination trucks for hydro jetting and vacuum loading waste from drains or sewers.
  • Clearing drains was once a time-consuming, haphazard process. Thanks to our CCTV drain inspection equipment, drain cleaning and the clearance of blocked drainage has become an efficient, cost effective procedure when carried out by one of Longbeach Plumbing’s experienced professionals.
  • Clearing drains can eliminate foul odours and stop unsightly refuse collecting above gulley traps. Whether the blockage is caused by tree roots, oil and grease deposits or other foreign matter, clearing drains is a specialized task and Longbeach Plumbing is your best choice for fast, friendly and reliable service. Call us today.
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